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The TIPA project is only possible thanks to the generosity of the following sponsors:

Headquartered in Denver Colorado, MicroSource helps companies of all sizes avoid the purchase and maintenance of today's costly IT capital investments by allowing them to leverage an existing Fortune 500 infrastructure. By offloading the internal IT department’s burden of maintaining IT systems, MicroSource helps companies focus on their core business functions. 

MicroSource's solutions provide customers with the following benefits:

Fortune 500-Class Data Center: Leverage a facility that would be cost prohibitive to build internally.
  • Eliminate IT Capital Investment Risk:  Scale systems up or down without added infrastructure costs.  Services are delivered on an "as needed and when needed basis".
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA):  All services bound by strict performance standards.
  • IT Budgeting:  Predictable and accurate Information Technology forecasting year-after-year.
  • Risk Mitigation: Measured increased levels of security and uptime.
  • Measurable IT Return on Investment (ROI): Streamline overhead labor and resources.
  • Standardized IT infrastructure platform

The Bohemian Foundation

Andrea Fono, Fine Artist –

Greg Dukes and the team at FREEDOM MOVEMENT

Judy Pratt and the employees of CONCEPT PRINTING

Bahman Saless and the people at EARTHNET –


Danya River –

Amelia Vargas and SALON SALON of Boulder

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