Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). The Accuracy Rating is on a one-ten scale per the following legend:

01 = Grossly inaccurate with total disregard for the truth; an advertisement which intentionally misstates facts to definitively create an impression which is the opposite of the truth and which omits key facts which otherwise would lead the observer to the opposite conclusion; viewed as truly despicable by anyone with a conscience or a modicum of decency.

02 = Extremely inaccurate with “facts” fabricated and/or distorted so as to give a false impression of the truth; a damning indictment of misleading advertising.

03 = Generally inaccurate with a plurality of key facts misstated and/or intentionally omitted, giving the observer the impression something false is true or vice versa.

04 = A mix of accurate and inaccurate statements (e.g., 50- 50) with more than one significant fact misstated and/or with key, known or well-established facts omitted; a factually misleading advertisement.

05 = Superficially accurate (approximately 70% of the time) with one or more significant facts intentionally misstated or erroneous; clearly not meeting any kind of minimal standards for overall accuracy but appearing to do so as part of an effort to mislead the observer.

06 = Nominally accurate (approximately 80%) but with one to three key facts subject to misinterpretation or misunderstanding and such misinterpretation or misunderstandings likely to have been intentional as part of a “smokescreen of truth” used to pursue a falsified argument.

07 = Generally accurate (approximately +90%) with one or two key facts subject to misinterpretation or misunderstanding – and they clearly should have been corrected before the advertisement was used.

08 = Very accurate (approximately +95%) with one or two facts unintentionally unclear or subject to misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

09 = Almost 100% accurate, with some minor unintentional misinterpretation or misunderstanding of one or two facts possible but unlikely; an advertisement obviously created with the pursuit of truth in mind.

10 = Absolutely and totally accurate from a factual perspective.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Fairness Rating is on a one-ten scale per the following legend:

01 = So terribly mean-spirited, evil, despicable, and/or unfair that the candidate should be ashamed of him- or herself and resign from the election; this rating is so low that voters supporting the candidate sponsoring the advertisement or intended to benefit from the advertisement should cast their vote for his or her opponent; contains multiple, horribly vicious personal attacks, clearly intended to ruin the personal life of an opponent or opposed candidate; the ultimate in scummy.

02 = Extremely unfair and/or inaccurate with “facts” fabricated and/or so extraordinarily distorted to vilify or otherwise severely harm the opposing candidate; containing false or highly personal yet irrelevant material which could unfairly damage the targeted candidate for life; contains one or more vicious personal attacks; truly reprehensible.

03 = Grossly misleading and unfair effort to stain the reputation of an opponent, meant to severely harm him or her.

04 = Scurrilous personal attack intentionally distorting the truth to give a false impression of an opponent, yet mixed with enough relevant or reasonable claims to soften what otherwise would be a brutal attack.

05 = Contains an unfounded or unjustified personal attack on a candidate which is patently unfair and which is not fair game.

06 = Hard-hitting but fair and reasonable; hard-edged and perhaps a bit too tough yet just within the bounds of what should be considered acceptable.

07 = Very fair; portrayal of the opponent might be negative but is not exploitative or unreasonable in any way; shows a contrast which is accurately and fairly represented.

08 = Extremely well-balanced and reasonable; does nothing to unfairly portray the opponent in a negative light but still may use one very relevant negative to contrast the candidates or ballot issues yet does so in an acceptable manner.

09 = Bends over backwards to be fair and kind to an opponent; intentionally portrays the opponent in a good light; makes no statements which could be unfairly construed.

10 = Extraordinarily fair to the point of being magnanimous to the other side; if every candidate were this generous, negative advertising would not exist; one might think the opposition developed and sponsored this advertisement.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Relevance Rating is on a one-ten scale per the following legend:

01 = So totally irrelevant that the sponsoring candidate or the person or group for whom the ad is intended to benefit should be tarred and feathered (figuratively speaking) for his, her or their attempts to use these issues in the campaign; the transgression is so egregious that voting for the opponent of the sponsoring or candidate or organization or other beneficiary is a must so the target of the irrelevant ads ultimately benefits.

02 = Extremely irrelevant with issues or “facts” selected, fabricated, deployed and/or otherwise used in an intentional manner to redirect voters away from the real issues of the day but done so in a manner which serves to attack the opposition via distortions, vilification, et cetera, often with the simultaneous intent to severely harm the opposing candidate; containing misleading or false material or one or more vicious personal attacks which are designed to suppress discussion of what truly are the relevant issues of the day.

03 = Grossly misleading effort to redirect voters, possibly including an attempt to stain the reputation of an opponent, meant to severely harm him or her; scurrilous personal attack intentionally distorting the truth to give a false impression of an opponent and avoid addressing the issues voters see as key in a race.

04 = Contains subject matter which has little to do with the campaign or contest at hand; obviously created to focus on a subject which casts the sponsoring or benefiting candidate in a positive light although the subject matter has little or no relationship to the political race.

05 = A slight majority of the material is not relevant (e.g., +50%) and, instead, unintentionally obscures those issues which are on the minds of most voters; this advertisement may be sloppier in its construction than intentionally devious (although the ultimate ramification may involve voter confusion).

06 = More relevant than not (i.e., +65%) but containing a confusing mix of topics, subjects, and themes (in terms of their relevance) -- some of which apply to the contest at hand and others which simply do not apply at all (hence the confusion).

07 = Almost all (80%) understandably applicable and relevant subject matter and material which is related to one or more key issues of the day for a plurality of voters and which is articulated clearly.

08 = Quite relevant and appropriate (+90%); the subject matter of the advertisement involves one or more topics which are critically important at this time and are on the minds of most voters but something minor and irrelevant may still have been included in the advertisement.

09 = Very relevant material (i.e., approaching 100% relevance); the subject matter of the advertisement is right on target and highlights the issues which clearly are important to most people today; this advertisement “hits the nail on the head” when it comes to topic selection.

10 = Extremely relevant (definitely 100%); could not have selected more appropriate and fitting topics, information, and claims; this is what this campaign should be all about; a model for this and other political campaigns; this candidate or campaign should be lauded and supported for the willingness to address what truly are the key issues of the day.

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