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I'm Your Candidate and I Approved This Steaming Pile of Lies and Innuendo

High-Stakes States: Kerry Ad Strategists Pick 14 Places Where He'll Fight President
Associated Press

Court Denies Bush Effort to Speed FEC Ruling
Associated Press

Campaign Ads: Who listens?
Christian Science Monitor

Coolness Under Fire

In Our View: 527's Should Disclose Donors
The Daily Herald

How to Read Campaign Ads

Political Ads Bolster Media But Squeeze Out Other Advertisers
Las Vegas Sun

Take Action! Demand Truth in Political Advertising
Media For Democracy

No News Hole for the 'Truth Squad'

POLITICAL POINTS: Dealing in Dirt, Not Issues
New York Times

Political Advertising Is A Poor Way To Inform Voters
The Pine Journal

Depressed About Election Process? Blame The Negative Ads
Toledo Blade

Two Political Ads Share More Than Fame and Controversy
Washington Post

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