Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). The TIPA Advisory Panel members serve as volunteers to the Project and participate on an “as available” basis. Some will be involved in only one or two evaluations during the course of the election season while others will be involved in every evaluation performed by the TIPA. Some Advisory Panel members will be asked their opinions by members of the Press – about advertisements, the TIPA, et cetera – while others will have no interaction at all. All of this will be a function of how much or how little time each member has. The TIPA appreciates the contribution each of these people is making.

Advisory Panel members have made a commitment to evaluate each advertisement as impartially and objectively as possible. Although their personal perspectives span a wide range of opinion and beliefs, the common thread is that each these people are sincerely concerned about the state of politics and are committed to bringing as much integrity to the political process as they can. Each of these people comes with great integrity and each adds significantly to the Project. They subscribe to the Golden Rule and know they need to provide the leadership necessary to change the tenor of politics in America .

Advisory Panel members initially were selected by the Project’s Executive Director who, in turn, asked each of them to suggest others who would be positive additions to the Panel. The public also is invited to nominate anyone they believe would be able to contribute their perspective, knowledge, and expertise to the Project. Our Media Sponsors also were invited to make suggestions and all of their ideas were pursued. We welcome additional Advisory Panel members and appreciate your ideas about who would be good members. Please send any suggestions to and copy on that e-mail any people you believe would be good additions.

If you have the opportunity, please thank any of the following people for their support of and involvement with the TIPA Project.

  1. University of Colorado Graduate School of Public Affairs Lecturer and former Boston Globe reporter Diane Alters.

  2. Republican Political Consultant Katy Atkinson.

  3. Businessman and former Republican U.S. Senator William Armstrong.

  4. Former GOP State Chairman and former Denver mayoral candidate Don Bain.

  5. Former GOP State Chairman and former gubernatorial candidate Bruce Benson.

  6. Colorado State Representative Alice Borodkin.

  7. Political strategist and campaign consultant Joannie Braden.

  8. Bighorn Center founder and former U.S. Senate candidate Rutt Bridges.

  9. Former Republican U.S. Senator and current Daniels Fund President Hank Brown.

  10. Political consultant, strategist, media relations specialist, and publicist Christine Burtt.

  11. Political pollster and consultant Floyd Ciruli.

  12. CEO of Target Media Networks, a political advisory firm for the cable industry, Stephen Cunningham.

  13. Democratic counsel Rick Daily.

  14. Host, Colorado State of Mind, Rocky Mountain PBS Greg Dobbs.

  15. Communications consultant and former Denver Post reporter Mark Eddy.

  16. Former Republican State Representative and current President of Politically Direct Rob Fairbank.

  17. Former State Senate Minority Leader and former Democratic congressional candidate Mike Feeley.

  18. NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Executive Director Beth Ganz.

  19. Current Democratic State Chairman Chris Gates.

  20. Former Mike Miles U.S. Senate Communications Director Elizabeth Gauthier.

  21. Former Democratic State Chairman Howard Gelt.

  22. Republican counsel Scott Gessler.

  23. Democratic State Senate Assistant Minority Leader Ken Gordon.

  24. Former Boulder Mayor and Republican congressional candidate Bob Greenlee.

  25. Former University of Colorado Republican Regent candidate and long-time businesswoman and philanthropist Diane Greenlee.

  26. Attorney and current GOP State Chairman Ted Halaby.

  27. Former Democratic U.S. Senatorial candidate Josie Heath.

  28. Former Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Rollie Heath.

  29. The campaign Chairman for Mike Miles' U.S. Senate campaign Kristin Homer, PhD.

  30. AMVF Productions principal Braxton Davis Honeycutt.

  31. Colorado State Senator Jim Isgar.

  32. Colorado State Senator Steve Johnson.

  33. Former Democratic State Chairman Tim Knaus.

  34. Former chairwoman of the University of Colorado Independent Investigative Commission and former Democratic State Representative Peggy Lamm.

  35. Colorado Senate Democratic Chief of Staff Mary Alice Mandarich.

  36. University of Colorado Regent Jim Martin.

  37. Colorado Common Cause Executive Director Pete Maysmith.

  38. University of Colorado School of Journalism Professor Mike McDevitt.

  39. School District Superintendent and former U.S. Senate candidate Mike Miles.

  40. Political strategist and campaign consultant Rick Reiter.

  41. University of Colorado Politics Professor and author of “Guerrilla Guide to Politics” Jim Rettew.

  42. Political strategist and campaign consultant Rick Ridder.

  43. Board Chair of Rocky Mountain Media Watch and author of Making the News: A Guide for Activists and Nonprofits Jason Salzman.

  44. Former Congressman and former Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer.

  45. Public Affairs Professor, former U.S. Senate candidate, and former Democratic State Party Chairman Buie Seawell.

  46. Independence Institute Senior Fellow Beth Skinner.

  47. Political strategist Eric Sondermann.

  48. Speaker of the State House of Representatives Lola Spradley.

  49. Colorado State University politics professor and political analyst John Straayer.

  50. Former U.S. Attorney for Colorado and former Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tom Strickland.

  51. Colorado Statesman Publisher Jody Hope Strogoff.

  52. Colorado State Senator Ron Teck.

  53. Rocky Mountain New Media Critic and University of Colorado Professor Michael Tracey.

  54. Political consultant Clay Vigoda.

  55. Former Denver Mayor and current Democratic National Committee Vice Chairman Wellington Webb.

  56. Political Consultant Steven Welchert.

  57. Republican counsel and State GOP Treasurer Richard Westfall.

  58. Colorado League of Women Voters President Lorie Young.

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