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Packaging the Presidency: A History and Criticism of Presidential Campaign Advertising by Kathleen Hall Jamieson. 578 pgs.

Seeing Spots: A Functional Analysis of Presidential Television Advertisements, 1952-1996 by William L. Benoit. 239 pgs.

Television and Political Advertising, Vol. 1: Psychological Processes by Frank Biocca. 366 pgs.

Television and Political Advertising, Vol. 2: Signs, Codes, and Images by Frank Biocca. 268 pgs.

Videostyle in Presidential Campaigns: Style and Content of Televised Political Advertising by Lynda Lee Kaid, Anne Johnston. 230 pgs.

Political Mischief: Smear, Sabotage, and Reform in U.S. Elections by Bruce L. Felknor. 298 pgs.

The Web of Politics: The Internet's Impact on the American Political System by Richard Davis. 230 pgs.

Party Identification and Negative Advertising "In a U.S. Senate Election", in Journal of Communication by James B. Lemert, Wayne Wanta, Tien-Tsung Lee. 12 pgs.

Effects of Print Comparative Political Advertising on Political Decision-Making and Participation, in Journal of Communication by Bruce E. Pinkleton. 13 pgs.

Political Campaign Communication: Principles and Practices (Chap. 10 "Advertising in Political Campaigns") by Judith S. Trent, Robert V. Friedenberg. 386 pgs.

Television Advertising in Election Campaigns, in Political Science Quarterly by Darrell M. West. 21 pgs..

"Look, and I Will Show You Something You Will Want to See": Pictorial Engagement in Negative Political Campaign Commercials, in Argumentation and Advocacy.

Negative Advertising: The Malicious Strain of Comparative Advertising Journal article by Karen E. James, Paul J. Hensel; Journal of Advertising, Vol. 20, 1991

Poison Politics: Are Negative Campaigns Destroying Democracy? by Victor Kamber. 322 pgs.

In Defense of Negative Campaigning, in Political Science Quarterly by William G. Mayer. 19 pgs.

Cognitive Responses to Negative and Comparative Political Advertising, in Journal of Advertising by Patrick Meirick. 13 pgs.

Can You Back That Up? Evidence (Or Lack Thereof) for the Effects of Negative and Positive Political Communication, in Media Psychology by David A. Houston, Kelly Doan. 16 pgs.

Voting Rites: The Devolution of American Politics (Chap. 4 "The Bawdy Politic") by Ron Hirschbein. 156 pgs..

Q: Do TV Attack Ads Subvert the Political Process?, in Insight on the News by Stephen Ansolabehere, Shanto Iyengar, Ron Faucheux. 4 pg

Politics, Media, and Modern Democracy: An International Study of Innovations in Electoral Campaigning and Their Consequences Book by David L. Swanson, Paolo Mancini; Praeger, 1996

Everything You Think You Know about Politics-- and Why You're Wrong Book by Kathleen Hall Jamieson; Basic Books, 2000

New Media and American Politics by Richard Davis, Diana Owen. 308 pgs.

Edited for Television: CNN, ABC, and American Presidential Elections by Matthew Robert Kerbel. 246 pgs.

Democracy without Citizens: Media and the Decay of American Politics by Robert M. Entman. 242 pgs.

Remote & Controlled: Media Politics in a Cynical Age by Matthew Robert Kerbel. 174 pgs.

Television and Political Advertising by Frank Johnson Biocca. 366 pgs.

Television and the Crisis of Democracy by Douglas Kellner. 287 pgs.

It's Show Time!: Media, Politics, and Popular Culture by David A. Schultz. 277 pgs.

Television Access and Political Power: The Networks, the Presidency, and the "Loyal Opposition" by Joe S. Foote, Newton M. Minow. 220 pgs.

The Micro- and Macrodrama of Politics on Television: Effects of Media Format on Candidate Evaluations, in Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media by Erik P. Bucy, John E. Newhagen. 18 pgs.

Political Communication: Politics, Press, and Public in America by Richard M. Perloff. 492 pgs.

The Sound Bite Society: Television and the American Mind by Jeffrey Scheuer. 232 pgs.

Reassessing the State of Political Communication in the United States, in Argumentation and Advocacy by Trevor Parry-Giles, Shawn J. Parry-Giles. 12 pgs.

Party Identification and Negative Advertising "In a U.S. Senate Election" Journal article by James B. Lemert, Wayne Wanta, Tien-Tsung Lee; Journal of Communication, Vol. 49, 1999

An Exploration of the Effects of Negative Political Advertising on Political Decision Making Journal article by Bruce E. Pinkleton, Nam-Hyun Um, Erica Weintraub Austin; Journal of Advertising, Vol. 31, 2002

Journalistic Responsibility and Political Advertising: A Content Analysis of Coverage by State and Local Media Journal article by Lynda Lee Kaid, Mitchell S. Mckinney, John C. Tedesco, Kim Gaddie; Communication Studies, Vol. 50, 1999

A Functional Analysis of Congressional Television Spots, 1986-2000 Journal article by Leann M. Brazeal, William L. Benoit; Communication Quarterly, Vol. 49, 2001

The Effectiveness of Negative Political Advertising: A Case Study Journal article by Brenda S. Sonner; Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 38,

1998 Network Adwatches: Policing the 1996 Primary and General Election Presidential Ads Journal article by John C. Tedesco, Lynda Lee Kaid, Lori Melton Mckinnon; Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Vol. 44, 2000

Reassessing the State of Political Communication in the United States Journal article by Trevor Parry-Giles, Shawn J. Parry-Giles; Argumentation and Advocacy, Vol. 37, 2001

Negative Political Advertising and Voting Intent: The Role of Involvement and Alternative Information Sources Journal article by Ronald J. Faber, Albert R. Tims, Kay G. Schmitt; Journal of Advertising, Vol. 22, 1993


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